The Pooping Log

What is a Pooping Log?

Old illustration of kids beating the Pooping log

If you're ever in beautiful Catalonia, be sure to keep an eye out for the traditional pooping log or "Tio". This unique tradition has been around for centuries in Catalan mythology and is a major part of Catalan culture. So what is it?

While most people know of Krumpus The log, or "Tió" in Catalan, is a wood log, decorated with a smiling face and given a Barretina,  the traditional Catalan red cap. It is usually placed near the hearth or in the kitchen.

You must feed a Pooping log with food scraps every day after adopting it. The more you feed it, the fatter it gets.On Christmas Eve, the log "comes alive" and defecates presents for the children. This may sound strange, but it's actually a very popular tradition.

What is the pooping log song?

Once the cute piece of wood has been feed wood scraps for weeks and protected with a blanket, the next step consists in making it poop presents.

To do so you have to sing the traditional song while beating it with a wooden stick, kind of threatening the long, but in a loving way. There are a lot of versions of the song, but it goes like this:

Catalan Version

Caga Tió,
avellanes i torrons,
no caguis arengades
que són molt salades!
Caga torrons que són més bons"
Caga tió, Caga torró,
Avellanes i mató,
Si no cagues bé
Et donaré un cop de bastó.
Caga tió!

English Version

Shit, log,
Shit nougats (turró),
Don't shit herrings,
which are too salty!
Shit nougats (turró)
Which are much better!
Shit, log, Shit nougats
Hazelnuts and mató cheese,
If you don't shit
well,I'll hit you with a stick,
Shit log!

The log is then placed by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, and when it "poops",  children and adults alike get to open their presents. How amazing is that?

The Catalan pooping log tradition is definitely one that's worth keeping. So next time you're in Catalonia during Christmas, make sure to keep an eye out for the pooping log and maybe even get to hear the magical song. Who knows, you might even get a present from the log itself!

Where is the pooping log from?

A whacky good-luck-attracting tradition like this had to come from one of the oldest nations in Europe, Catalonia.  The tradition predates the arrival of Christians and has evolved throughout the centuries.

Adopt a pooping log!

What does the log eat?

Classically, people in Barcelona and Catalonia "feed" the  Tió leftovers, fruit peels, like orange peel, or similar. The better you feed it tho, the better good fortune and presents you will get.

How do you get a pooping log?

Pooping logs are magical figures that can appear in your life, usually in your room, or doorstep, bought at a market in Catalonia, given by someone as a gift,  or alternatively, you can build yourself.  

If you built it, find a small or medium log of wood from a tree.  You must maintain your Pooping Log and show it affection after making it. Give it a Barretina, the Catalan red cap with a black base, and a warm cozy blanket.

You may also purchase a plush Soca from, where you can get a cuddly replica of it - only available in the United States at this moment.

Adopt a pooping log!

The pooping log in the media

Soca is widely unknown here in the US with some exceptions, mainly by SNL start Kate McKinnon who herself adopted the Catalan Poop Log Christmas Tradition. Check out this video with Seth Mayers explaining the tradition.


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