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About the Creator: The Magical World of Soca, the Catalan Pooping Log

Discover the creative mind behind the enchanting world of Soca, the Catalan Pooping Log: Isaac Tintó. Born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Isaac is a passionate Catalan-American who has spent half of his life in the United States, where he loves to share Catalonia's unique traditions with those around him. Inspired by the ancient Catalan tradition of "Caga Tió" or "Tió de Nadal," he set out to introduce the delightful wooden log to the international stage as a symbol of good luck.

With expertise in gamification, branding, product design, and user experience, Isaac has transformed Soca into a charming character that transcends its winter seasonality. He's on a mission to revive the pagan, spiritual origins of the tradition and to show that the Catalan log can bring good luck all year round.

To remind himself of the importance of working hard to create his own luck, Isaac carries a Soca Pooping Log in his car and keeps one at his office. He has designed an entire universe around Soca, including plush toys, an iOS game, and stickers that captivate kids and adults alike. The popular Soca plush toy features a hidden velcro compartment for concealing small candies or presents, allowing the log to "poop" out joy and happiness.

With a focus on promoting cultural diversity and environmental consciousness, Isaac Tintó, the creator of Soca, the Catalan Pooping Log, is committed to making this character a beloved icon that will charm the hearts of people all over the world. Dive into the magical world of Soca today and bring home a piece of Catalan culture that's sure to delight and inspire!

A kid beats the Pooping log or Tio de Nadal, or Christmas log. This Catalan tradition is celebrated all across Catalonia

Celebrate Xmas the Catalan way

At Christmas, we all need a little bit of extra love and joy in our lives, and Soca is the perfect embodiment of those sentiments. I sincerely hope you enjoy him as much as we do!

Adopt a pooping log!

The pooping log in the media

Soca is widely unknown here in the US with some exceptions, mainly by SNL start Kate McKinnon who herself adopted the Catalan Poop Log Christmas Tradition. Check out this video with Seth Mayers explaining the tradition.


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The pooping log is the good fortune lucky charm from Catalonia and joins Manekineko. Sant Jordi I Tio de Nadal. Saint George and the pooping logLove wins cute drawing with Soca, the pooping log from Catalonia
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