Meet Isaac

Why I created Soca

Hi, I'm Isaac Tintó - I am a Catalan living in the United States, where I have spent half my life.

One of the things I love most is explaining some of Catalonia's unique traditions to people here, like the Pooping log and the Pooper. That inspired me to use my experience in gamification, branding, product design, and user experience to take this misunderstood but lovely ancient Catalan tradition and adapt it to my new home.

The lovable character Soca is inspired by the Catalan tradition of "Caga Tió" or "Tió de Nadal." Basically, a delightful wooden log that comes alive and poops out presents for those who adopt it, feed it well and take good care of it.

Celebrate Xmas the Catalan way

At Christmas, we all need a little bit of extra love and joy in our lives, and Soca is the perfect embodiment of those sentiments. I sincerely hope you enjoy him as much as we do!

Adopt a pooping log!

The pooping log in the media

Soca is widely unknown here in the US with some exceptions, mainly by SNL start Kate McKinnon who herself adopted the Catalan Poop Log Christmas Tradition. Check out this video with Seth Mayers explaining the tradition.


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The pooping log is the good fortune lucky charm from Catalonia and joins Manekineko. Sant Jordi I Tio de Nadal. Saint George and the pooping logLove wins cute drawing with Soca, the pooping log from Catalonia
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