Soca Soft Pooping Log - Tio de Nadal

SOFT PLUSH TOY - This adorable plush keychain is inspired by the traditional Catalan Christmas pooping log, or "Tió de Nadal." It's super soft and makes a great gift for friends and family. - CLIPPER TO HANG ONTO BACKPACKS - The Tió de Nadal keychain comes with a handy clipper so you can easily attach it to your backpack or keys. - BLANKET TO KEEP THE LOG WARM - A pooping log is a magical being who loves to be loved and cuddled and enjoys being warm on those cold winter nights, so Soca comes with a tender blanket to keep him cozy. - COMES WITH A SOFT "BRANCH" - Soca has a soft branch, a must to summon presents and good fortune whenever you need them. - BARRETINA - The elegant traditional Catalan hat, which is appropriate for every event, is a must-have for Soca. - VELCRO COMPARTMENT - Despite being tiny, Soca has a tiny storage compartment on his buttock to hide small things. Hide gifts for your loved ones and watch as Soca goes number two. - CATALAN FLAG - Last but not least, Soca wears a Catalan flag, or Senyera to never forget where he comes from, no matter where he goes.

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Do you want to bring happiness and good luck to your loved ones?

The Catalan Pooping Log is the perfect way to surprise your friends, family, and coworkers. It’s a quirky ancient tradition that will make them laugh and bring them good luck. Not only is the Pooping Log a fun tradition, but it also helps support culture. By adopting a Catalan Pooping Log, you are helping us keep this tradition alive and make it known all around the world.

I'm your lucky charm

Take me with you feed me and I will:

  • Poop good fortune
  • Give you company
  • Offer you a soft cuddle
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En Català:

Com va? Sóc Soca! Porta'm la teva llar, dóna'm menjar tot allò que sobri, un bon racó i molta tendresa. Tracta'm bé i et portaré bona fortuna i fertilitat amb una bona cagada.Per fer-me defecar, fes servir el palet i no t'oblidis cantar la cançó tradicional. Pots trobar la lletra i d'altres bocinets d'alegria a la meva plana web


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